Special Project Grants

The Special Projects Grant (SPG) supports projects that provide examples of practices that, if widely adopted, could solve a local area resource concern through either new and innovative technologies or proven but under-represented technologies. Funding for implementing conventional conservation practices is readily available while funding for new and innovative technologies is often more difficult to find. These projects will serve as models for others to confidently follow.

  • Applicant must be the landowner or land operator of the property in which the project is to be constructed. Or, Contractors or businesses with valid Oregon Licenses may partner with the landowner or land operator of the property in which the project is to be constructed providing the landowner or operator is the primary applicant.
  • Marion SWCD will pay up to 50% of the project cost, to a maximum of $7,500. Marion SWCD reimburses applicants for actual costs once the project is completed to the appropriate specifications. In addition, there is a $20,000 maximum payout per entity in any five year period.
  • Landowners are required to provide the remaining 50% of the project funds. This can be provided as labor costs, materials, cash, or financial assistance from other sources.
  • Funded projects may serve as demonstration projects for other landowners. Some project sites are used for tours showcasing conservation practices, featured in presentations by SWCD staff, and in articles of the quarterly newsletter. Some sites may be eligible to receive a sign indicating project type and funding source.
  • The total project cost must not exceed $50,000, due to regulations regarding state labor and wage laws set by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries.

Examples of Special Projects:

Polymax tubes at Raycotechnologies.org







For more information about Special Projects Grants, contact the district at (503) 391-9927 or send email to office@marionswcd.net.