A Call for Native Plant Sale Volunteers

If you have volunteered in the past– Thank you so much!  We truly appreciate your continued dedication and willingness to help make our plant sale a success – we couldn’t do it without you!   To those of you who might be new volunteers this year, welcome, and we hope to see you in March!  


Here are the dates, times and tasks that we need volunteers to help with:

Friday March 8:   9:30am-1pm?? 
Set up the site and set up plant stock (put plant labels and price tags into plants, organize plants, set up and arrange tables, put up banners, etc)

Saturday March 9:    8am-11am     11am-2pm    2pm-5pm 
Help customers with their orders, provide native plant information to customers, help customers with the check-out process, help keep things organized and tidy, provide bark dust for customers, help with clean up (2-5pm only).

Please call or email [email protected]  or call 503-391-9927 if you have questions about volunteering.

Please pass this on to any others who might be interested in volunteering.

We can’t wait to see you at our plant sale this year.  It would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers!