2018 Mural Contest: Where Does Your Water Shed?

Teachers and Team Leaders: It’s time to register your “Team” to participate in this year’s K-5 Grade Mural Art Contest.

 Our annual contest is available to all K-5 Grade children, who reside in Marion County, Oregon and within the boundaries of the Marion SWCD. Participating teams must have a minimum of 5 members and a maximum number of 30, and be led by an adult Team Leader aged 18 or older.  Registration is required for participation.

Click  2018 Reg Form to download our fillable form to sign-your team up now.

The REGISTRATION DEADLINE DATE is: Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

About the contest: The District provides all participants with the materials they will need: Study materials, fun-filled activity worksheets, mural size paper (36”x60”) and crayons.  After the team learns all they can about the year’s topic they are required to work together, formulate an idea/design and create a large wall mural that will educate the people who view their final masterpiece about something they have learned about their “Watersheds”. 

Each mural must contain the theme title “Where Does Your Water Shed?”  Entries will be placed into one of three grade level divisions/categories- based on the age level of the eldest team member: K-1 (Beginning); 2-3 (Intermediate); 4-5 (Advanced Division).   



All entries must be received by the SUBMISSION DEADLINE DATE: Friday, May 4, 2018 @ 5pmA select panel of judges will determine the winners. 

PRIZES: Each participating team-member who helped create the entries received, will be awarded a “Thank You Gift”.  The winning entries earn each respective team/ member one additional gift prize as well.  And the winning team leaders will each receive a “Winner’s Award Certificate” and a $100.00 check payable to the school, group or organization for the purchase of supplies or equipment that will benefit the children they serve. 

Program inquiries may be directed to Janice Calkins, Office Coordinator at (503) 391-9927, e-mail: janice.calkins@marionswcd.net.