1. Jason Robles says:

    Hello, I have questions regarding hunting feral sheep in Oregon. I’ve reached out to the ODFW and though they were kind with communicating to me, they were limited in what they could say or advise. I have an interest in feral sheep hunting, but doing so on public land is tricky as it can be difficult to find them and to properly identify if it is legal to hunt them or not. One biologist suggested I get in contact with the County Soil and Water Conservation District to ask for more information. I reached out to the sheriff’s department in the recent past in regards to the legality of hunting Aoudad sheep in areas around Fossil, John Day, Prineville and Mitchell Oregon, but never got emailed or called back. If it would be alright, could I get some information on the legality of hunting feral sheep and where to go or at least be suggested on who I should speak to? Should I keep trying to get in contact with the sheriff departments? My apologies for any inconvenience. Very Respectfully, Jason

        • marionswcd says:


          Mr. Krahmer does not have any experience hunting feral sheep, but suggested to call the SWCD’s directly: (541) 963-1313 Union SWCD and (541) 575-0135 Grant SWCD.

          The may have information on feral sheep, but dont have any regulatory control over hunting, or anything for that matter. Good Luck!

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