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Director Duties

A board member of Marion SWCD serves on a seven-member Board of Directors (Board) and is responsible for conducting the affairs of the MSWCD in compliance with Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 568. The Board has the legislative authority and power to establish policies and procedures that are in the best interest of the residents it serves. The Board ensures that the district achieves its mission in an ethical, transparent, accountable, and prudent manner.

Individually, Directors do not have any power, but acting with fellow Board members, they have an opportunity to have a positive impact on the community. Together, the Board makes decisions and sets policy for the MSWCD at a strategic level through participation in Board meetings, strategic planning sessions, and committee assignments. Board members also do the following:

  • Be prepared for and attend the monthly board meetings held on the first Wednesday of each month (sometimes special meetings can be held to address specific issues).
  • Serve on committees.
  • Review and adopt the annual budget.
  • Approve financial reports.
  • Attend Board member trainings to understand Director responsibilities and build skills.
  • Set goals and evaluate progress towards those goals.
  • Hire and evaluate the District Manager.
  • Connect with the community – attend community events as a representative of MSWCD to learn from community members what their conservation needs and interests are and share that information with MSWCD staff.
Brenda Sanchez
District Manager
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