Heritage_Seddlings_Jefferson_Farm (1)Agroforestry is a relatively new idea generated by age-old practices and presented as a contemporary line of conservation landuse practices. The working trees concept combines agricultural, forestry and woodland practices to yield environmental, economic, and social benefits.

In general it is the practice of incorporating trees and shrubs into landuse planning for the purpose of creating a whole or sustainable system; connecting and bringing together the different features of agricultural production. Agroforestry is a management approach which closes the ecological loop, creating a more resilient system and affording added benefits of conservation and economic gain.

If applied smartly agroforestry practices will help achieve long-term goals of sustainable landuse as well as increase the production capacity of an agricultural system. Marion SWCD can help guide you with technical assistance and informational materials

To learn more about agroforestry practices please contact the Marion Soil and Water Conservation District. We can provide technical assistance, additional resources, funding opportunities, and conservation planning all designed around you, your landscape and your landuse.

Agroforestry is not just for agricultural landuse. Practices can be utilized in urban and rural communities to gain similar benefits.

A great example can be found here: Oakscaping Guide.

For more information visit theĀ National Center for Agroforestry.