We did not know what to expect on the day of the plant sale, but it was a relief when a line began to form outside of the greenhouse as early as 8am!  We let in no more than 25 customers at a time.  Our volunteers set up a signaling system: one person at the checkout end of the greenhouse waived his hands when a customer exited–this alerted volunteers and staff at the front door to let in another customer.

Staff, volunteers and customers seemed to enjoy this controlled entry with much fewer people in the greenhouse!  In the past, we’ve had a rush of 100+ people come into the greenhouse all at once, making for quite a crowded and bustling sale for the first couple of hours.  This year with the slower pace, customers were able to mingle, talk with experts, shop longer and choose more plants, which was reflected in the higher average sale amount of over $60 this year!  We may continue with this practice of limiting the number of customers in the greenhouse in the future.  It was certainly less chaotic for everyone involved!

Many thanks to: the plant sale customers, the dedicated volunteers who continue to help us year after year, the nurseries who supply our plants, the Bauman family and Bauman’s Farm and Garden! 

Because we had been so successful in the past years, we increased the number of plants for our sale by ~20% this year.  We ended up with ~1400 plants left over, but thanks to a few of our great partners, some large purchases were made after the sale by the North Santiam Watershed Council, Pudding River Watershed Council, City of Salem Parks and Willamette University. Thanks for giving all of these plants a wonderful home!

We do not know what next year will hold for our native plant sale, but we will continue to make plans and hope that we will be able to have this event on Saturday, March 13, 2021.  We hope to see all of you next year!  Thank you for your continued support of our annual event!