Thanks to all who made this year’s sale a great success! 

Jenny Meisel – Native and Invasive Plant Specialist

This was one of our best native plant sales EVER!  (Do I say that every year?)  Each year seems better than the last and the interest in native plants just keeps growing (pun intended).  We had 850 people attend our annual Native Plant Sale this year.  That is an increase of over 200 people from last year! 

Each year we learn something new.  This year we learned that electronic devices do not like cold temperatures.  Our machines ran slowly first thing in the morning which caused slow and long check-out lines.  We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.  Next year we will have hot pads for our checkout devices which will hopefully make that process run more efficiently.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our sale and the experience for customers.  In 2020 we are planning to order more plants so that we can better serve all the people who attend our 1 day sale. 

We would love your feedback! How can we improve our plant sale to make it a better experience for you?  Are there certain species of plants that you would like us to carry?  Please, let us know.  Email or call Jenny Meisel with your helpful suggestions: [email protected]  503.391.9927.

Thank you for your continued support of Marion SWCD and for purchasing native plants that provide habitat for all critters great and small, protect our stream banks, and look beautiful when they bloom.

We can’t forget a great big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who make our sale a fantastic success!  You are all amazing!  We can’t wait to see you again next year!

Profits from the Native Plant Sale fund two scholarships for students from Marion County studying Natural Resources at an Oregon College or University.  The Stan Vistica Memorial Scholarship is administered through the Office of Student Access and Completion:

Photo share!  Check out Kathy Bridges and the beautiful Showy Milkweed that she grew from seed purchased at our native plant sale a few years ago.

Do you have photos to share?  Please send us your photos or tag Marion Soil and Water Conservation District on Facebook to share photos of the native plants that you purchased from our plant sale. We would love to see your gardens!  Photos sent to us will be shared on Facebook.  I know there are some beautiful native plant gardens out there!  Email photos to [email protected]

Thanks everyone for making our 2019 Native Plant Sale and Scholarship Fundraiser another success!