Pesticide Stewardship Partnership Program

November 18, 2017 Collection Event:

When:  8:00 AM to 2:00 PM (by appointment)
Where: Valley Agronomics: 13007 Downs Road, Mt. Angel, OR

Pesticide Collection Event brochure Mt. Angel November 2017

Mt. Angel Pesticide Collection Application form_November 2017



Oregon Pesticide Stewardship Partnerships identify potential concerns and improve water quality affected by pesticide use around Oregon.
The partnerships combine local expertise and water quality sampling results to encourage voluntary changes in pesticide use and management practices. State agencies including DEQ, Oregon State University’s Extension Service, Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon Department of Forestry work with diverse parties, including watershed and other natural resource groups, local landowners and growers, soil and water conservation districts and tribal governments to find ways to reduce pesticide levels while measuring improvements in water quality and crop management.
The goal is measurable environmental improvements, making Oregon waters safer for aquatic life and humans.

What partnerships do

  • Identify local, pesticide-related water quality issues
  • Share water quality monitoring results with local communities and other stakeholders
  • Provide context for water quality data and water quality criteria or benchmarks
  • Help pesticide users identify and implement solutions
  • Use long-term monitoring to measure success and progress

How do I get involved? Contact Kevin Masterson (DEQ) at 541-633-2005 or Kirk Cook (ODA) at 541-841-0074

 For more information, see Fact sheet: Pesticide Stewardship Partnerships in Oregon.