If you are interested in being listed on the Manure Exchange Service List, please complete the provider Manure Source Provider Info Sheet and email it to [email protected] Once we receive your completed form we will either call or e-mail you to verify the information and then your name will be placed on the list of local manure providers.

If you are looking for manure, download the supplier list and call one of the providers nearest you to schedule a pick-up.

Participants should also consider advertising their manure in other places besides on the Marion SWCD provider list.  Some manure providers have had additional success by posting on Facebook group pages, such as gardening and community groups and posting ads on Craigslist.

The individuals on the MES list are not commercial composters. Their Manure/Compost is “not certified to be “weed free” or “certified organic” – no guarantees apply. Providers are not responsible to pay your hauling costs or any costs associated with vehicle/dump-truck rentals, etc. This is a goodwill – community network project so please be considerate of those participating in this service.

How does the service work?

The Marion SWCD maintains a current listing of local livestock owners that wish to share their excess livestock manure freely with their local community members. They simply complete an application form that provides information like: when is the best time for contacting them to arrange for pick-up; the type of manure available (Chicken, Horse, Cow, Alpaca, or other), and the general area where product can be obtained. (Actual site address is disclosed by supplier).

The list is made available to the public at the District’s office, in a brochure distributed at events and workshops, on the District’s website, and Facebook page. There are no fees charged for the listing, and suppliers are expected to not charge fees for the exchange. Unless the supplier (farmer/rancher) has documented testing the pile, Marion SWCD recommends that the end-user treat it as raw organic matter and compost it further before use.

We are always seeking new livestock owners to participate in the service. And if additional information is needed please contact Janice Calkins, Office Coordinator at Marion SWCD by calling: 503-391-9927 Ext. 301, or e-mailing her: [email protected]

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