Soil Your Undies: How to participate?

Would You Like to Participate?

Women farmers in Marion County are leading the way to soil health.  Would you like to take the challenge and learn about your soil?  You can participate in Soil Your Undies.  Its fun, easy and you’ll learn about your soil. 

Planting: Take a photo of you, holding your tighty-whities.  Dig a hole about 3 – 6 inches deep and wide enough to lay the underwear flat.    You know how irritating it is when your underwear bunches up!  Cover the underwear with soil.  If conditions are dry, please water several times of the next two months to make sure your soil microbes remain active.  Use 100% cotton underwear, the soil microbes should break down the cotton leaving the elastic band.  Don’t forget to put a flag in the ground!

Harvesting: After 2 months, dig up your underwear and see what is going on in your soil.  If you dig up your undies and there isn’t much left, you have healthy soil!  If you dig up your undies and they look a lot like they did when you planted them, you probably should take steps to improve your soil health.  Even if you only have moderate decomposition of your underwear, you can always do more to make your soil better! Make sure to get an “after” photo!  Share your results by sending us a photo of your “harvest” and a little info about your operation to [email protected]. If you wish to share your soil health results nationally, use the hashtag #SoilYourUndies.

If you have questions about soil health, we will be glad to help you.  Reach us at or call Marion SWCD at 503.391.9927. Save the date for the Soil Health Workshop at Eola Hills on November 6, 2019.

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