Board of Directors

Bielenberg had previously served one term on the Marion Soil and Water Conservation District before returning to the district to devote his time to local conservation issues. He operates a family dairy and row crop farm located near Aumsville.  He has worked with the district to institute several conservation practices on his farm over the years to protect his farm’s soil and water supply for future generations. His efforts include protecting stream edges, as well as installing irrigation liners and a methane digester, which operates at full capacity on the dairy farm.



DougDoug Krahmer.2011 Krahmer –  Zone 1

Krahmer has been an outspoken advocate for conservation in Marion County for many years. He has served as district chair, vice-chair and secretary/treasure since joining the board in 2001. He is the owner of Berries NW. He has previously served on both the Board of Agriculture and the Oregon Watershed Enhancement board.

darin_olsonDarin Olson, District Position Zone 3

Olson and his family own a 200 acre farm south of Salem. He was elected to the board in 2006. He has worked with Marion SWCD on numerous conservation programs over the years many years. The district has also assisted him with many projects on his farm, which according to Olson, he might not have been able to accomplish on his own.

Bob DeSantisBob DeSantis, District Position Zone 5

DeSantis is a third generation farmer who has grown strawberries, grass seed, vegetable seed, and Christmas trees. He was born and raised in Silverton. DeSantis joined the board because he “has a personal interest in educating future generations about how to care for the environment,” he said.


Scott Walker, Vice Chair, At-Large Position 1



Terry Hsu – At large Position 2



Vacant – Zone 2



For more information about open district positions, call the district office at (503) 391-9927 or send email to [email protected]