Conservation Planning

Conservation planning is a natural resource problem-solving and management process. The process integrates ecological, economic, and social considerations.


The Marion SWCD provides access to several local programs to provide technical and financial assistance for conservation work.

Youth Education

Marion SWCD offers a variety of educational resources. We provide funding, program bin loans, attendance at community events, and Salmon Watch field trips.

Community Education

We hold webinars and workshops to help you get the information you need to realize your conservation goals. We even have a radio show, and are constantly working to provide up-to-date online resources.

Resource Hub

If we aren’t the right group to answer your questions, we will connect you with whoever is. We serve as a resource hub, building relationships to serve our community.

For more information, please call 503-391-9927 or email [email protected].

The Marion SWCD is an equal opportunity employer, providing services to the public without regard to race, religion, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, mental or physical disability, marital status, age or other protected status or activity in accordance with applicable law. Call 48 hours in advance to request assistance.