Marion SWCD and our partners will help you create a long-term conservation plan for your property. In this course, you will learn about ecology and conservation, and may even find funding for your projects. Presenters will be available to answer questions, both live and submitted. There will also be break-out groups. Here is the information presented in Feb. 2022.

4 classes to be held online. Review materials/videos on your own time.

Click the week to jump to that week’s resources.

Week 1 – Conservation Planning

Week 2 – Soils, Water, and Vegetation

Week 3  – Streamsides, Woodlands & Wildfire, and Permitting

Week 4  – Working Lands, Wildlife Habitat & Action Plan

Supplemental Material – Yards & Gardens

For more information call Sarah Hamilton, Marion SWCD Restoration Project Coordinator 503-949-6832.

Need help downloading the Zipped files? Click here for instructions.

Week 1:

Conservation Planning

Zip File of All Week 1 Resources


  • watch the videos listed under week 2 prior to the 2/9 session

Homework (All Zipped) – complete before attending the Session 2

Resources (All Zipped)

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Week 2:

Soil, Water, and Vegetation,

Zip File of All Week 2 Resources

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