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Highway Fuel CO


For over 90 years, Highway Fuel Co. has provided Salem, Keizer, and surrounding areas with high-quality landscape materials and home heating products. In the early years, delivering wood fuel products to residents was the emphasis of our business; however, the wood fuel industry has significantly changed over the past nine decades, and our commitment to customers and the community remains. In the early 1950’s Highway Fuel Co. put to use a new technology: Blower trucks, which were used solely to blow sawdust for home heating. With over 60 years of innovation, our trucks can now blow a wide range of materials, including mulch, soils, and erosion control products. We are one of the few companies operating our own blower trucks. Whether you’re looking for some mulch blown in your flower beds or soil on a rooftop, look no further than the experienced professionals at Highway Fuel Co.

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6242 Portland Rd NE
Salem, Oregon

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