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Farmer/Rural Resident

Farmers and rural residents have needs and interests related to their geographic location and lifestyle. Marion SWCD works with farmers and rural residents in the following ways:

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Conservation Planning

Conservation planning is a natural resources problem-solving and management process that integrates ecological, economic, and social considerations. Our conservation planners are ready to assist you in developing your own plan to maintain and improve soil and water quality while meeting your other land management goals.

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Funding Assistance

Marion SWCD offers funding for projects the enact conservation practices or best management practices to solve specific natural resource issues. We can also help you apply for OWEB Small Grants.

Sustainable Ag and Organics

Sustainable agriculture is a means of producing food without depleting the earth’s resources or polluting the environment. It works to mimic nature’s self-sustaining processes by promoting biodiversity, recycling plant nutrients, protecting soil from erosion, conserving and protecting water, and integrating livestock with crop production.

Small Farms

Developing a small farm on your property is like starting any small business. It requires long hours, determination and a long-term commitment.

Mud and Manure

Manure can be a source of soil fertility if managed properly, or it can be a water contaminant. We have information to help you develop an effective manure management system.

Pasture Management

Raising animals can provide environmental benefits and economic vitality to a piece of property and it comes with varying characteristics that should be considered prior to getting started.

Ag Water Quality

Oregon and the federal government have implemented policies and plans that address water quality related to agricultural production and that work to protect the public and natural environment from unnecessary pollution.

Septic Systems

If your property has a septic system, it is important to understand how it works and what is required to maintain the system in order to maximize its life expectancy. Maintenance is the key to a properly functioning and long lasting septic system. A failed septic system can contaminate local water sources and cause serious public health risks and environmental harm.

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Irrigation in Marion County is vital to maintaining its active and vibrant agricultural community. Irrigation is needed in the county during the summer months when rainfall is limited and crops are growing.

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Native Plants

Willamette Valley native plants can tolerate cool, wet winters and warm dry summers. They do not require added fertilizers, and rarely need supplemental water after a year or two of summer watering to help them get established. We promote the use of native plants with our native plant sale and other handy resources.

Invasive Plants

Invasive plants are a destructive force, causing harm to the environment, economy, and sometimes even to human health. Marion SWCD provides resources to help you learn to identify and manage some of the species of concern in our region.

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Rural Living Handbook

The Marion SWCD recognizes a need to provide up-to-date information for both new and long-time residents of rural Marion County. The Rural Living Handbook contains basic information and identifies resources for property owners who would like additional information.

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