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Gardener/Urban Resident

Gardening with Native Plants

Willamette Valley native plants can tolerate cool, wet winters and warm dry summers. They do not require added fertilizers, and rarely need supplemental water after a year or two of summer watering to help them get established. We promote the use of native plants with our native plant sale and other handy resources.

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Invasive Plant Information

Invasive plants are a destructive force, causing harm to the environment, economy, and sometimes even to human health. Marion SWCD provides resources to help you learn to identify and manage species of concern in our region.

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Our Grant Programs

We offer grants to residents of Marion County.  Find out what we support, the application process, and deadlines.

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Community Education

Marion SWCD provides conservation education in many formats and on many topics. Attend tours, talks, and other trainings, listen to our radio segment, and become familiar with our online resources.

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Volunteer With Us

We always are looking for helping hands.

Contact Us

Contact our Urban Conservation Planner to help you get started with backyard habitat and other urban/garden conservation questions.

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Kassi Roosth
Urban Conservation Planner
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