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Volunteering is a meaningful way to engage in conservation. Marion SWCD offers several volunteer opportunities – find something that’s right for you!

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Serve as a District Director

Are you interested in helping to set the direction of the Conservation District? Zone and At Large Directors make decisions and set policy for Marion SWCD at a strategic level through participation in Board meetings, strategic planning sessions, and committee assignments. Associate Directors do not vote on board decisions, but they do augment the Board’s knowledge and assist with committees and District activities.

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Assist at Community Events

Marion SWCD spreads the word about conservation topics and our services at community events. We would love to have your help! These events are a fun way to contribute and get more connected in the community. No experience necessary: a Marion SWCD staff person will always be there with you.

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Volunteer for Salmon Watch

Marion SWCD coordinates Salmon Watch field trips for students in Marion County to witness spawning salmon from mid-September to mid-October. We rely on volunteers to run this program.

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Native Plant Sales

Each year Marion SWCD hosts two Native Plant Sale to get more native plants in the ground. In October we hold a native bulb and seed sale and late February or early March we hold a sale of bareroot plants and plants in containers. The plant sale is a great chance for volunteers to learn more about native plants by helping us fill customer orders.

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Author blog posts

Our blog shares information on conservation projects, partners, places, people, and particulars of practices and ecological principles. Do you have an interest in writing and knowledge you’re enthusiastic to share? We invite you to be a volunteer blog author.

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Communications and Education Specialist
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