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Web Soil Survey

The web soil survey provides property owners with up-to-date soil information used for making land-use and management decisions on their property. Forestland in eastern Marion County is excluded from the Web Soil Survey. The tool’s interface can be a bit overwhelming at first, so here are the steps to obtain soil information.

Primary Toolbar

  • Using the toolbar to the left, you can specify an area of interest with an address, state, county or other geographic characteristics. Once entered hit the “View” button and the map should automatically zoom to the area entered.
  • You will then need to define the area where you want to aquire soil data. Use the zoom and “AOI” tools to define this area. “AOI” tools allow users to draw a rectangle or irregular shape to define the area.
  • View Soil Data and Explore Soil Information. Once you have defined an area of interest you will then use the primary toolbar to access and print information related to your area of interest.

Secondary Toolbar

  • Clicking on the “Soil Data Explorer” button will bring up a secondary toolbar that can generate thematic maps on the chemical and physical properties of a soil.
  • Once you have chosen an attribute from the sidebar, click “View Rating” to generate a thematic map and an information table.

Contact Us

Please contact our Ag planner for help in using the soil survey.

Becky and her family at fair with sheep.
Becky Pineda
Agriculture Conservation Planner - Pasture & Livestock
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