Water Quality

Discover the basics of water quality, with an emphasis on ag water quality plans and policies.

Water Rights

Water rights are required if property owners are interested in using water for other than domestic uses. There are surface, storage and ground water rights. Property owners are encouraged to search the Oregon Water Resource Department (OWRD) water rights information system database. If a property has water rights, documentation can be found here. If you currently have a permit, it is in your interest to work on acquiring a certificate.


Watersheds and their hydrological features provide key functions to natural ecosytsems. Destorying or altering these features in any way can have a huge impact upon the natural environment. A watershed is defined as an area of land where all of the water that falls upon it, is under it, or drains off of it, converges into specific lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, or oceans.


Many residents in Marion County must rely upon a well for their domestic water uses. Roughly 500,000 citizens in Oregon use a household well and are required to protect, test and purify the water to keep their family safe. Having a basic knowledge of the mechanics and issues related to a well will assist property owners with identifying and solving problems when they arise.


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Water Use Efficiency

Here we share a couple resources we love related to water efficiency. The 7 Basic Steps for Creating and Maintaining Water Efficient Landscapes and Water Efficient Plants for the Willamette Valley.

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