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Native Plant Sales

About the Sales

Marion SWCD holds two annual native plant sales – an autumn sale for bulbs and a spring sale for bareroot and containerized plants. One of the goals of our sales is to get more native plants in the ground. Native plants are a perfect choice to support birds, pollinators, and wildlife; to minimize water use requirements; and to contribute to the creation of habitat connectivity across the landscape.

Plant Sale Catalog

We hold two sales each year – a native bulb sale in the fall and a bareroot and potted plant sale in late winter. Each of these sales has an online order period in the months leading up to the sale. We also sell posters and note cards with our beautiful illustrations of Willamette Valley landscapes year round!


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Stan Vistica Memorial Scholarship

Our native plant sales are fundraisers for the Stan Vistica Memorial Scholarship, which offers support for up to three students from Marion County studying natural resources or agriculture at an Oregon college or university. The scholarship was established in 2006 in honor of an outstanding conservationist and former Board Member, Stan Vistica.  The scholarship is administered through the Office of Student Access and Completion.

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Native Plant Resources

Looking for bloom time table? Low water use plant list? A filterable plant database for the mid-Willamette region? See what we have to offer.

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Native Plant Sale Volunteers

Each year Marion SWCD hosts a Native Plant Sale to get more native plants in the ground. The plant sale is a great chance for volunteers to meet other native plant enthusiasts and learn more about native plants by helping us fill customer orders. Sign up to volunteer with us between February 237-March 2, 2024.

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Refund and Cancellation Policy

We provide refunds for plants that become unavailable before the pick up dates (usually this is due to crop failures).

All sales are final once you leave the order pick up event. Customers should check their orders before they leave to ensure their order is complete. We may not be able to make any substitutions and will refund you for any missing plants at that time.

Marion SWCD is not responsible for any orders that are not picked up at the pick up event.  All leftover plants, including orders that are not picked up, will be donated to restoration projects. 

Contact Us

Our staff are happy to help answer your native plant sale questions

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