The Marion SWCD recognizes a need to provide up-to-date information for both new and long-time residents of rural Marion County. The Rural Living Handbook contains basic information and identifies resources for property owners who would like additional information.

Handbook Chapters

  1. Introduction to Marion County (Intro, History, Statistics)
  2. Buying Rural Property (Buying Property, Being Neighborly, Land Use & Building, Living Next to…)
  3. Water (Watersheds, Water Rights, Irrigation, Wells, & Septic)
  4. Property Management (Management Plan, Weeds, Wildlife, Rural Roads, & Waste)
  5. Agriculture (Small Farms, Ag Water Quality, Livestock, Pastures, Mud & Manure, Organics, Sustainable Practices)
  6. Soil (Basics, Management, Web Soil Survey)
  7. Forestry (Small Woodlands, Healthy Forest, Fire Prevention, Burning)
  8. Getting Involved (Groups, Events, Conservation Programs)

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