Pets should be monitored when they are outside for both their own safety and the safety of the wildlife that may be living on your property. Several species of wild animals can and will kill your pet.

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Raising animals can provide environmental benefits and economic vitality to a piece of property. Raising livestock is also a means of diversifying an operation because it complements many other practices.

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One of the privileges of living in the country is being closer and more connected with the natural environment. You can manage the land in a way that encourages and promotes wildlife habitat.

Animal Invasives

ODFW encourages all Oregonians to learn about the following invaders and help halt their introduction or spread. Watch out for the Emeral Ash Borer, among others.


Conserving wildlife species in Oregon not only benefits the land and waters we share, but it also allows people to feel a sense of kinship and connection with nature. Knowing which species live on your land is the first step to providing a healthy habitat for them to thrive.

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