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The Natural Resources

Natural resources are the materials and sources of energy humans use to survive and thrive. Soil and Water Conservation Districts assist community members in developing practices that conserve natural resources, with a special emphasis on soil, water, and related resources. Here we provide introductory information on the resources and the important topic of natural disasters.

a brown circle with a shovel sticking out of the soil


A handful of soil is filled with millions of organisms working together to create nutrients, aerate the soil, and turn nitrogen from the air into a form that roots can absorb.

water waves on a blue background


Water is considered to be one of the most abundant resources on Earth, yet less than 1% of it is actually drinkable. It is therefore vitally important to protect and conserve this resource.

two leaves on a green and white background


Whether the plants are native, invasive, crops, or something else, our stories are bound up with theirs. On this website we provide a wealth of information on native plants, invasive plants, and grasses.

a butterfly


Get information on managing pets, livestock, and invasive animals. Learn about wildlife like birds and pollinators and the wildlife habitats found in the Willamette Valley.

a flame with two conifer trees in foreground

Natural Disasters

Get the scoop on natural disasters of concern in the Willamette Valley, the basics of being prepared, and how to respond when they occur.

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