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Conservation Planning

What is a Conservation Plan?

A conservation plan encompasses all of the natural resources on your land which can generally be categorized into soil, water, air, plant, animal, and human considerations. There are many benefits to a conservation plan but two main goals will be achieved through the implementation of a plan: the control of soil erosion and the maintenance of local surface and ground water quality.

For the next several years the MSWCD will be focusing efforts to help improve water quality on the Headwaters of the Pudding River. This program is a collaboration with the Oregon Department of Agriculture to help improve water quality runoff from Agricultural lands. If you are in the focus area and would like information on conservation resources that we offer please contact office@marionswcd.net or call 503-391-9927.

Focus Area: Head Waters of the Pudding River Area – Map

Benefits of a Plan

  • Protection of soil and farm productivity
  • Protection of water quality
  • Improvement of soil fertility
  • Management of soil moisture
  • Saves you money over the long term as your land becomes more productive
  • Ensures better natural resource quality for you, your animals and your neighbors
  • Enhances open space and wildlife habitat
  • Improves animal health
  • Contributes to plant health and vigor for desired plants
  • Makes your property more attractive and promotes good neighbor relations
  • Promotes health and safety of your family
  • Helps you comply with Ag Water Quality Plan, SB 1010
  • Increases property value

Starting the Conservation Planning Process

To start a Voluntary Conservation Plan, contact the District to speak with one of the resource conservationists for assistance.

Landowners Responsibilities:

  • Provide access to property
  • Walk the property with the planner
  • Participate in each planning process step
  • Voluntarily follow Conservation Plan
  • Choose and apply conservation practices
  • Monitor effects and re-plan if necessary

Planner Responsibilities:

  • Develop conservation plan with you
  • Provide technical assistance
  • Provide information about possible financial assistance
  • Assist with monitoring progress and providing documentation
  • Evaluate monitoring and provide re-planning technical assistance if necessary
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