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Producers are going above and beyond implementing more practices, planting more acres, and looking at ways to further conservation on their properties. We have continued working with irrigation efficiency improvements through system upgrades and the use of new technologies.

Soil moisture monitoring equipment is helping producers water with precision amounts of water at the optimal timing reducing waste. The use of these tools compliments various crops, helping producers take another step forward. We have also increased soil health through education, cover cropping, and other soil related practices. The importance of having living roots on the ground throughout the year, increased species diversity and proper management can not only protect soil but improve it.

We can help conserve natural resources and improve soil performance at the same time. In every root and every drop, we take another step forward. If you are interested in our grant programs, contact us now. Check out our social media and website for updates, webinars, and other educational videos with a variety of different topics. Conservation is an investment that we can all benefit from and contribute to.

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