Ordering opens Jan. 5th, 2022 at 8 AM & ends on Feb. 21, at 5:00 PM.
ALL Pick ups on March 11 and 12, 2022 @ Bauman’s Farm, Gervais, OR

This is an ONLINE pre-order sale ONLY.  All orders must be placed online by 5:00 pm on February 21 and picked up at Bauman’s Farm and Garden: 12989 Howell Prairie Rd, NE, Gervais, OR on FRIDAY or SATURDAY March 11/12, 2022 at your selected pickup time.

For detailed steps on ordering and pick up, please read our

2022 Native Plant Sale Guide

There will be no day-of-sales this year due to COVID-19.  

Marion SWCD is not responsible for any orders that are not picked up on March 11 or 12.  All leftover plants, including orders that are not picked up, will be donated to landowners affected by the Beachie Creek or Lionshead Fires.  We will not be able to accommodate any early or late pick ups. 

Stock changes and growing conditions vary over the winter resulting in some plants not being available at the time of plant delivery from the nurseries that we purchase our plants from.  Refunds will be issued for any plants that are not available.  We will not be able to make any last minute substitutions.

 Native Plant Sale Details:

Over 75 species of native plants will be available

List of plants and prices that will be available for purchase starting January 5, 2022.

  • New Species! Cascade Oregon Grape (Mahonia nervosa)
  • Returning Species (that we haven’t had for a while): Streambank Lupine (Lupinus rivularis), Slender Cinquefoil (Potentilla gracilis), Broadpetal Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana), Buckbrush(Ceanothus cuneatus), Pacific Wax Myrtle (Myrica californica), Bigleaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum), Beaked Hazelnut (Corylus cornuta var californica), Pacific Crabapple (Malus fusca), Chokecherry(Prunus virginiana)
  • Prices range from $1.50 for bare root trees and shrubs to $4.00 for 4” pots to $8.00 for specialty shrubs and plants in gallon pots.
  • Our plants are “restoration grade” meaning that they are not as showy as something you would see in a retail nursery. 
  • Bare root plants are not in pots.  They are trees and shrubs that are grown in loose soil.  They are harvested when they are dormant and bundled together with roots exposed. We store bare root plants in sawdust to protect the roots and keep them moist.  If you order bare root plants, they will be packed in sawdust and placed in a plastic bag with a tie around the top to hold everything together.  Plants will be labeled.
  • We advise you to keep bare root plants cool and plant within 3 days of receiving the plants from our sale.  If you cannot plant right away, you can put them in pots, or heel them into the ground temporarily.  Please see our planting tips document for more information.
  • Native seed mix from Heritage Seedlings with 17 species of annual and perennial flowers will be available for $4.00 a packet. Plant a meadow in your yard!
Additional information about the plant sale

Our native plant sale is a fundraiser that supports the Stan Vistica Memorial Scholarship.  Profits from the native plant sale help fund scholarships for two students from Marion County studying Natural Resources or Agriculture at an Oregon College or University. The scholarship was established in 2006 and is named after an outstanding friend, conservationist, and former Board Member, Stan Vistica.  The scholarship is administered through the Office of Student Access and Completion:  www.oregonstudentaid.gov.

Using native plants in your landscape helps support and enhance local environments and habitat for wildlife, birds and pollinators.  Native plants are a great benefit to any landscape because they require minimal or no water once they are established, they rarely require additional fertilizers or pesticides, native plants increase the biodiversity of an area and they are beautiful!

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