Pets should be monitored when they are outside for both their own safety and the safety of the wildlife that may be living on your property. At night pets should be brought inside or put within a shelter for their safety. There are several species of wild animals that can and will kill your pet.


Many birds nest in low-lying trees and brush which makes them easy prey for cats. Leaving pet food or animal feed out may attract unwanted animals and pests.


Dogs are wonderful pets and would love to run free on a large piece of property, but allowing them to run at large could result in a civil infraction. If a dog attacks, chases, injures, or kills a neighbor’s animal, the owner could be charged with a civil infraction, so keep your pets confined to your property. Property owners do have the right to kill a dog or animal that is harassing or attacking their animals. Dogs also should be licensed and vaccinated for rabies, in addition