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English Hawthorn

Crataegus monogyna

Plant Description

A thorny, deciduous tree, 6-30 ft tall, with lobed, mitten-like leaves, white apple-blossom-like flowers, and red fruits that persist into winter.

Plant Details

Life Forms
ODA Listing
Suggested Actions
Shade Preference
Mature Height 6-30 ft
Distribution This is a widely distributed tree.
Control Dig up seedlings and saplings when soil is moist. Due to extensive roots and stump-sprouts, cutting is not effective. For information on using herbicides, visit the links below. Always follow the label when applying herbicides.
Reproduction and Spread Birds and other aniamls spread the seeds.
Introduced Introduced in the 1800s
Look Alikes Other hawthorn species including native Douglas hawthorn.
Impact The trees outcompete native species. Forms dense monocultures that large wildlife cannot move through.
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