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Floating Primrose-Willow

Ludwigia peploides

Plant Description

Aquatic herbaceous perennial. Forms dense mats. Showy yellow 5-petalled flowers; lance-to egg-shaped alternate leaves up to 3.5 inches long. Fleshy reddish stems float on water.

Plant Details

Life Forms
ODA Listing
Soil and Moisture Conditions
Suggested Actions
Shade Preference
Mature Height up to 10 feet deep
Distribution Present in the Willamette River and its tributaries. Also found in Washington, California, eastern and southern US, Mexico, South America, Western Europe, and Australia.
Control prevention is the best strategy. This plant may still be sold on the internet for Ponds and aquariums - do not purchase, or if found in your aquarium, do not dump it in another waterbody. Small patches can be removed manually; take care to remove all stem and root fragments.
Disposal Methods Dispose of plants in the garbage in sealed plastic bags.
Reproduction and Spread Mostly spreads through fragmentation and creates new populations as it floats/moves downstream. Can also reproduce via seed.
Introduced This species is native ato parts of the Usas well as Mexico, Central, and South America, but is invasive in Oregon and Washington.
Look Alikes Native Ludwigia palustris and invasive Ludwigia hexapetala.
Impact Clogs Waterways, degrades wildlife habitat, negatively impacts water quality and Aquatic recreation.
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