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I also got the chance to attend a Soil Health Academy at Chico State University with the support of the district and a scholarship. This was a three day class about soil health, conservation and regenerative agriculture practices. It was one of the best educational experiences I have ever attended in my career. I have brought this knowledge back to our district, sharing it with staff and landowners.  It has provided valuable insight into the importance of cover cropping and biodiveristy for soil health.

I feel like there are many opportunities for our district to improve soil health throughout the district with regenerative practices. We implemented a trial cover crop program to provide landowners fast and easy access to financial assistance in planting cover crops during the critical planting window.

Our Landowner Assistance program is running strong with continued diversity of projects as well as increased total acres of conservation on the ground. We have been doing more with irrigation water management through soil moisture sensors and improved technologies. I’ve enjoyed working with landowners in multiple ways  improving water use efficiency. We have been steadily increasing our technical knowledge, reaching out to industry partners and continue to provide the highest possible customer service we can. These efforts are all for the good of district and its great people.

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