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Marion Soil & Water Conservation District

Your Partner in Conservation

The Marion SWCD is a local government agency that works to protect, enhance, and improve the natural resources in Marion County through education, technical assistance and grants.

What can the Marion SWCD do for You......

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Marion SWCD grants support on the ground conservation in Marion County. The District's grants are here to support urban or rural residents implement conservation practices. The District can also assist residents in finding additional funding.

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If you have a natural resource concern on your property or a question about natural resources, the Marion SWCD can be of service to you. The Marion SWCD provides site visits and technical expertise for all county residents.

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Increasing the awareness of the county's resource concerns and ways of addressing them is a major goal of the Marion SWCD. The District provides many educational opportunities to residents in addition to a educational grant program.

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SWCD Updates

Notice of Election for District Directors

The Marion Soil and Water Conservation District hereby gives Notice that on November 4, 2014, an election will be held for the purpose of electing board director(s) to the following positions for the Marion Soil and Water Conservation District: Zone 2 – 4 years; Zone 3 – 4 years; Zone 5 – 4 years; At-Large 2 – 4 years.

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2014 Summer Newsletter

Enviro team 2014b

1st Place Envirothon team from South Salem High School.

The District’s Summer edition of its Conservation Insider newsletter is ready to be viewed. Learn about the District and how it can help you.
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Director Vacancies on SWCD Board

The Marion SWCD currently has two vacant Director positions  on their Board [Zone 2 and At-Large 2] and is seeking interested candidates to fill the position.

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The Winners of the 2014 K-5 Grade Mural Art Contest – Revealed!

Click on the “Dig Deeper”  logo to see the winning entries from this year’s contest, and to discover which classrooms/schools created each entry received.

"Dig Deeper-Mysteries in the Soil" this year's contest theme (logo)

“Dig Deeper-Mysteries in the Soil” this year’s contest theme (logo)


Salem No Ivy Coalition

A No Ivy Coalition has formed in Salem to help control and remove English ivy. Ivy pull events are scheduled for April 26, May 1, and May 13 at Minto-Brown Island City Park.  Volunteers are needed for these events.  Please contact Tibby Larson with the City of Salem to volunteer 503-589-2197 and check out the No Ivy Coalition Facebook page

Beef causes more environmental damage than poultry, pork, study finds

Compared with the other animal proteins, beef produces five times more heat-trapping gases per calorie, puts out six times as much water-polluting nitrogen, takes 11 times more water for irrigation and uses 28 times the land, according to the study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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