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Marion Soil & Water Conservation District

Your Partner in Conservation

The Marion SWCD is a local government agency that works to protect, enhance, and improve the natural resources in Marion County through education, technical assistance and grants.

What can the Marion SWCD do for You......

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Marion SWCD grants support on the ground conservation in Marion County. The District's grants are here to support urban or rural residents implement conservation practices. The District can also assist residents in finding additional funding.

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If you have a natural resource concern on your property or a question about natural resources, the Marion SWCD can be of service to you. The Marion SWCD provides site visits and technical expertise for all county residents.

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Increasing the awareness of the county's resource concerns and ways of addressing them is a major goal of the Marion SWCD. The District provides many educational opportunities to residents in addition to a educational grant program.

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SWCD Updates

Now Accepting Applications for Communications Specialist

The Marion Soil and Water Conservation District is seeking an energetic, dynamic and preferably a seasoned professional to join our team as a Communications Specialist.

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Free Manure Anyone?



Free Manure Anyone?

Free Manure Anyone?

Planning a Garden?  Want to Enrich Your Soil?   Maybe its time to add some nutrients to your soil with some “Black Gold” aka MANURE. We have done the work for you and rounded up a list of local farmers and ranchers who are willing to share (freely) the excess manure their livestock have gifted them with. Turn to our Manure Exchange Service listing to find a supplier nearest you!  Simply give them a call to arrange pick-up (a date and time convenient to you both).  Your garden/or farm will thank you!  This is a free, goodwill community network project.  No guarantees or endorsements apply.

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“Bee” Careful: New EPA Pollinator Hazard Labels

Before using any pesticides to control weeds or insects read the hazards label found on the bottle. The U.S EPA has added a new pollinator hazard box and created a bee icon to alert the user of potential hazards to bees. Click here for more information and to see what the new icon looks like!! The New EPA Pollinator Box on Pesticide Labels


Salem No Ivy Coalition

A No Ivy Coalition has formed in Salem to help control and remove English ivy. An ivy pull is scheduled for November 22, 2015 at Fairmount Park in Salem.  Volunteers are needed for these events.  Please contact Tibby Larson with the City of Salem to register for this event 503-589-2197 and check out the No Ivy Coalition Facebook page

Register Today! 2015 K-5 Grade Mural Art Contest

Register Today to Participate!

Click here or on the above LOGO to learn more about the 2015 K-5 G Mural Art Contest. Teams must register by 5 pm, Friday, February 13, 2015 to participate. Contest Registration Form.


Men are idiots, says a study? Uh, not so fast -- science roundup (video, links)

So, men are idiots, and science finally says so, right? RIGHT?! Uh, kind of, but it's not entirely what you think.

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