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California Fescue

Festuca californica var. californica

Plant Description

California fescue is a native, cool season perennial bunchgrass that is intermediate to long lived. The base is tightly clumped and the culms (stems) are tall and erect, growing to a height of 60-140 cm. Inflorescences (flowers or panicles) are 10-30 cm long, open and sparsely branched. Branches usually occur in pairs. Leaves are medium textured (2-4 mm wide), primarily basal, stiff, sometimes purple tinged, flat or rolled, firm, and rough to the touch. Plants are typically grayish blue to green and lack horizontal rooting systems. This
species flowers anytime between March and July, depending on elevation, population, or locale.

Plant Details

Life Forms
Soil and Moisture Conditions
Special Uses
Shade Preference
Mature Height 2'-4'
Distribution Found in coast ranges of California and Oregon and in the Willamette Valley.
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