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Well drained

Plant Database
Stem with ball cluster of unopened flowers
Acaena novae-zelandiae
Big Leaf Maple Crown
Bigleaf Maple
Acer macrophyllum
a cluster of many small blue fruits
Blue Elderberry
Sambucus caerulea
Blue Eyed Grass Sisyrinchium idahoense Single 5 petalled purple flower with yellow center
Blue-Eyed Grass
Sisyrinchium idahoense
The top of a broadleaf lupine inflorescence with pea-type purple and white flowers.
Broadleaf Lupine
Lupinus latifolius
Buckbrush Ceanothus cuneatus stem with clusters of small white flowers and glossy oval leaves
Ceanothus cuneatus
a small blue green bunch grass in a rounded mound
California Fescue
Festuca californica var. californica
Cascara Rhamnus purshiana Stem with large green oval opposite leaves and small red berries
Rhamnus purshiana
Coyote Brush covered in small white flowers
Chaparral Broom
Baccharis pilularis
checkered yellow and brown/purple flowers nod downwards from gracefully curving stems.
Chocolate Lily
Fritillaria affinis
clusters of small white flowers will become small fruits
Prunus virginiana
leaves of three and creamy white 5-petalled flowers with yellow centers
Coast Strawberry
Fragaria chiloensis
the ornamemtal orange tiger lily flower with reddish brown freckles
Columbia Lily
Lilium columbianum
Vigna unguiculata
crimson clover flower close up with field of crimson clover in the background
Crimson Clover
Trifolium incarnatum
Group of long green stems covered in small yellow flowers
Dalmatian Toadflax
Linaria dalmatica ssp. dalmatica
purple iris flowers with yellow and white center veins
Douglas Iris
Iris douglasiana
Douglas Spirea Spiraea douglasii Single Spire of bunches of small purple flowers
Douglas Spirea
Spiraea douglasii
small white flowers resemble cherry flowers.
English Laurel
Prunus laurocerasus
Evergreen heart-shaped leaves with crenate margins and yellow violet flowers
Evergreen Violet
Viola sempervirens
field of green fava beans planted as cover crop
Fava Bean
Vicia faba
Three lobed triangular leaves with a spike of tiny flowers on a stalk rising above
Tiarella trifoliata
Tall green shrub with small green leaves
French Broom
Genista monspessulana
Fringecup Tellima grandiflora Tall stalk of small like bellshaped flowers
Tellima grandiflora
Roots and stems with oval opposite leaves
Galega officinalis
New growth of needles
Grand Fir
Abies grandis
White flowers with pinkish spots growing in a terminal cluster.
Horse Chestnut
Aesculus hippocastanum
Sprays of flat scale-like leaves.
Incense Cedar
Calocedrus decurrens
Italian Thistle Carduus pycnocephalus Stalk with long spiky leaves and green spiky unopened flower pod
Italian Thistle
Carduus pycnocephalus
a carpet of kinnikinnick in bloom
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
a palmate leaf with toothed edge
Largeleaf Avens
Geum macrophyllum
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