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Columbia Brome

Bromus vulgaris

Plant Description

Columbia brome, also known as narrow-flowered brome, is a cool season perennial bunchgrass that is short to medium lived depending on growing conditions. The base is loosely clumped and non-rhizomatous although rooting may (rarely) occur from lower nodes along the stems (culms). The culms are 45-120 cm tall and erect to spreading, often with hairy nodes (joints). Inflorescences (seedheads or panicles) are 8-22 cm long, spreading to drooping, typically with the slender, compressed spikelets (subunits of the seedhead) all hanging in the same direction. Leaves are course textured (5-12 mm wide), often hairy on at least one side, basal to part way up the stems, lax, and flat. Spikelets are clearly stalked, distinguishing it from False Brome, which does not have stalked spikelets.

Plant Details

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