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Erosion control

Plant Database
a cluster of small white many-petaled disk and ray flowers with yellow centers
Pearly Everlasting
Anaphalis margaritacea
a carpet of kinnikinnick in bloom
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
a patch of mugwort with thin leaved green foliage along upright non-woody stems
Douglas’ Sagewort
Artemisia douglasiana
Coyote Brush covered in small white flowers
Chaparral Broom
Baccharis pilularis
A shrub that grows upright with most of the leaves coming out from the top part of the plant, lower half is a few straight stems, rather reddish. Clusters of small white flowers at branch tips
Redstem Ceanothus
Ceanothus sanguineus
an attractive evergreen shrub; low growing with clusters of white flowers at tips.
Ceanothus velutinus
a patch of fireweed with spires of purple flowers that taper to a point atop green spears of small lance shaped leaves
Chamerion angustifolium
leathery leaves and deep blue-black fruits that dangle from red stems
Gaultheria shallon
pinkish purple 5-petaled flowers
Oregon Geranium
Geranium oreganum
an oceansprayshrub in bloom
Holodiscus discolor
pink honeysuckle flowers and fused opposite leaves
Hairy Honeysuckle
Lonicera hispidula
holly like leaves and cluster of small yellow flowers
Tall Oregon Grape
Mahonia aquifolium
a shrub with peeling bark and white flower clusters
Pacific Ninebark
Physocarpus capitatus
Needles grow in groups of 2 alternately along the stem and 1-1/8 to 2-7/8 inches (3 to 6 cm) in length with a cute little cone pointing down
Lodgepole Pine
Pinus contorta var. latifolia
Bitter Cherry
Prunus emarginata
Douglas-fir Pseudotsuga menziesii Huge single evergreen tree
Pseudotsuga menziesii
Cascara Rhamnus purshiana Stem with large green oval opposite leaves and small red berries
Rhamnus purshiana
Thimbleberry Rubus parviflorus Palmate Green leaves with bright red round berry
Rubus parviflorus
a cluster of many small blue fruits
Blue Elderberry
Sambucus caerulea
Blue Elderberry Sambucus caerulea Medium Tree with long green opposite leaves
Red Elderberry
Sambucus racemosa
harvesting cereal rye in field
Cereal Rye
Secale cereale
Douglas Spirea Spiraea douglasii Single Spire of bunches of small purple flowers
Douglas Spirea
Spiraea douglasii
three-lobed leaves add interest to the shady woodland garden.
Western Meadowrue
Thalictrum occidentale
crimson clover flower close up with field of crimson clover in the background
Crimson Clover
Trifolium incarnatum
Red Clover flower and leaves
Red Clover
Trifolium pratense
Field of White clover
Dutch Clover
Trifolium repens
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