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Rice Cutgrass

Leersia oryzoides

Plant Description

Rice cutgrass, also known as Sicklegrass, is a native cool season grass that grows and flowers comparatively late in summer. The seed ripens in late August to early October, more typical of a warm season species. This short to medium lived perennial spreads by scaly, underground rhizomes and often forms dense colonies. The stalks (stems) are upright to sprawling, velvety at the nodes (joints), and 90 to 125 (150) cm tall. Leaf blades are 7 to 30 cm long, 6 to 15 (20) mm wide, and yellow green in color. They have a coarse or rough upper surface and are lined with tiny teeth along the margins. The flowerhead (panicle) is open, often drooping, and 10 to 20 cm long. The sharp leaves can cut flesh and tear weaker clothing. They are abrasive and sandpapery to the touch. Seeds resemble rice and are not easily confused with other native grasses.

Plant Details

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