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Plant Database
A full white alder tree in a neighborhood. Tree is probably 20-30' tall with a full yet narrow canopy.
White Alder
Alnus rhombifolia
a cluster of small white many-petaled disk and ray flowers with yellow centers
Pearly Everlasting
Anaphalis margaritacea
a carpet of kinnikinnick in bloom
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
a patch of mugwort with thin leaved green foliage along upright non-woody stems
Douglas’ Sagewort
Artemisia douglasiana
Tight clusters of small dusky rose flowers and thin green leaves
Narrowleaf Milkweed
Asclepias fascicularis
up close photo of bright orange flowers
California Poppy
Eschscholzia californica
leaves of three and creamy white 5-petalled flowers with yellow centers
Coast Strawberry
Fragaria chiloensis
Oregon Ash Fraxinus latifolia Large ogblong smooth leaves
Oregon Ash
Fraxinus latifolia
leathery leaves and deep blue-black fruits that dangle from red stems
Gaultheria shallon
an oceansprayshrub in bloom
Holodiscus discolor
a patch of meadow barley with reddish brown inflorescences
Meadow Barley
Hordeum brachyantherum
holly like leaves and cluster of small yellow flowers
Tall Oregon Grape
Mahonia aquifolium
close up of mock orange flowers, white, 4-petalled
Mock Orange
Philadelphus lewisii
a shrub with peeling bark and white flower clusters
Pacific Ninebark
Physocarpus capitatus
Needles grow in groups of 2 alternately along the stem and 1-1/8 to 2-7/8 inches (3 to 6 cm) in length with a cute little cone pointing down
Lodgepole Pine
Pinus contorta var. latifolia
Sword Fern Polystichum munitum Several long fronds with many opposite green slender leaves
Sword Fern
Polystichum munitum
a stand of tall thin closely packed trees
Quaking Aspen
Populus tremuloides
Shiny, heart shaped leaves of black cottonwood
Black Cottonwood
Populus trichocarpa
Bitter Cherry
Prunus emarginata
clusters of small white flowers will become small fruits
Prunus virginiana
Cascara Rhamnus purshiana Stem with large green oval opposite leaves and small red berries
Rhamnus purshiana
Thimbleberry Rubus parviflorus Palmate Green leaves with bright red round berry
Rubus parviflorus
Linear to lance shaped grey green willow leaves
Pacific Willow
Salix lucida var. lasiandra
a cluster of many small blue fruits
Blue Elderberry
Sambucus caerulea
Blue Elderberry Sambucus caerulea Medium Tree with long green opposite leaves
Red Elderberry
Sambucus racemosa
harvesting cereal rye in field
Cereal Rye
Secale cereale
Pyramidal panicle of small yellow flowers
Canada Goldenrod
Solidago canadensis
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