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Meadow Barley

Hordeum brachyantherum

Plant Description

Meadow barley is a native, short to medium lived, cool season, perennial bunchgrass. Another name for it is little barley. This species occurs primarily from Alaska to California and east to the Rocky Mountains. It can also be found sporadically in other states. Growth habit is an open tuft with erect to slightly spreading, smooth stalks (culms) that are 40 to 105 cm tall. The flower head (panicle) is a narrow, flattened spike, 5 to 10 cm long with bristle-like awns and a brittle central axis (rachis) that breaks off in pieces from the top down at maturity. Leaves are green to bluish green, 2 to 9 mm wide. They may be primarily basal or extend up and down the stem. Meadow barley is common to sporadic in moist Meadows and clearings.

Plant Details

Life Forms
Soil and Moisture Conditions
Special Uses
Shade Preference
Mature Height 1.5'-3.5'
Distribution It is most abundant in maritime environments.
More Info
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