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Pine Bluegrass

Poa secunda

Plant Description

Pine bluegrass is a fine textured, short to medium lived, strongly tufted perennial grass with erect culms (stems) 40-100 cm tall. Mature clumps are typically 10-16 cm wide and the foliage is light to medium green or slightly bluish, and mostly basal. Leaf blades are numerous, 1-2 mm wide, 5-22 cm long, flat to folded or rolled inward, and lax. The panicle (inflorescence or seed head) is upright and narrow. Dormancy occurs in summer when soils dry while new growth initiates during fall, winter and spring. Seed matures in June-July in the western interior valleys of Oregon and Washington and in August at higher elevations. (Formerly Poa scabrella.)

Plant Details

Life Forms
Soil and Moisture Conditions
Special Uses
Shade Preference
Mature Height 1.5'-3'
Distribution Pine bluegrass is somewhat infrequent west of the Cascades in Oregon and Washington. However, it is more common in other regions of the West.
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