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Dry to moist

Plant Database
field of annual ryegrass planted as cover crop between rows of harvested stalks
Annual Ryegrass
Lolium multiflorum
a pink five petaled rose flower with small toothed leaves
Baldhip Rose
Rosa gymnocarpa
Bitter Cherry
Prunus emarginata
a cluster of many small blue fruits
Blue Elderberry
Sambucus caerulea
The top of a broadleaf lupine inflorescence with pea-type purple and white flowers.
Broadleaf Lupine
Lupinus latifolius
up close photo of bright orange flowers
California Poppy
Eschscholzia californica
harvesting cereal rye in field
Cereal Rye
Secale cereale
Coyote Brush covered in small white flowers
Chaparral Broom
Baccharis pilularis
clusters of small white flowers will become small fruits
Prunus virginiana
leaves of three and creamy white 5-petalled flowers with yellow centers
Coast Strawberry
Fragaria chiloensis
Whole yarrow plant with feathery leaves and flat white flower tops
Common Yarrow
Achillea millefolium
Sprays of dainty pinkish white, bell-shaped flowers along rosy stems above mounded rosettes of evergreen leaves.
Crevice Alumroot
Heuchera micrantha
Douglas-fir Pseudotsuga menziesii Huge single evergreen tree
Pseudotsuga menziesii
a patch of mugwort with thin leaved green foliage along upright non-woody stems
Douglas’ Sagewort
Artemisia douglasiana
small white flowers resemble cherry flowers.
English Laurel
Prunus laurocerasus
Evergreen heart-shaped leaves with crenate margins and yellow violet flowers
Evergreen Violet
Viola sempervirens
close up leaf edges
False Brome
Brachypodium sylvaticum
a small round blue flower called bluehead gillia
Globe Gilia
Gilia capitata
whole plant showing plumes of inflorescences and mounded leaves
Aruncus dioicus
pink honeysuckle flowers and fused opposite leaves
Hairy Honeysuckle
Lonicera hispidula
Tall spire of smaller purple flowers with yellow and white stamen
Indigo Bush
Amorpha fruticosa
a carpet of kinnikinnick in bloom
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
loosely arranged compound leaves of lady fern with deeply dissected leaflets
Lady Fern
Athyrium filix-femina
green leaves, opposite are lance shaped, purple flowers on top
Lance-leaved Heal-all
Prunella vulgaris ssp. lanceolata
curled flower with white hairs and orange petals
Menzies’ Fiddleneck
Amsinckia menziesii var. intermedia
close up of mock orange flowers, white, 4-petalled
Mock Orange
Philadelphus lewisii
an oceansprayshrub in bloom
Holodiscus discolor
Elliptic leaves with longitudinal to arcuate venation, few woody stems, flowers in white clusters.
Oregon Viburnum
Viburnum ellipticum
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