Vinca major / Vinca minor

Plant Description

Both greater and lesser periwinkle are trailing, evergreen perennial groundcovers with eye-catching blue-purple flowers. Opposite, waxy, broadly lance-shaped leaves with smooth margins grow on thin, viny stems.

Plant Details

Life Forms
Soil and Moisture Conditions
Shade Preference
Mature Height 1.5-3'
Distribution Commonly found where near old homesteads and in garden beds. Invading natural areas in the US.
Control Prevention is best. Keep existing populations confined. Can be pulled by hand, dug or raked up, being sure to remove underground portions.
Disposal Methods Dispose of trimmings in the trash.
Reproduction and Spread Spreads rapidly by long trailing stems that root at their tips and leaf nodes.
Introduced Introduced as an ornamental in the 1700s.
Impact Forms mats that crowd out native species.
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