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an understory patch of vanilla leaf with robust triangular leaves and spikes of tiny white flowers emerging from the center.
Vanilla Leaf
Achlys triphylla
a carpet of kinnikinnick in bloom
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
a yellow flower with red dots in the center
Seep Monkeyflower
Erythranthe guttata
leaves of three and creamy white 5-petalled flowers with yellow centers
Coast Strawberry
Fragaria chiloensis
Piggyback Plant Tolmiea menziesii Large green leave with small green leave growing up from bottom center it.
Piggyback Plant
Tolmiea menziesii
crimson clover flower close up with field of crimson clover in the background
Crimson Clover
Trifolium incarnatum
Field of White clover
Dutch Clover
Trifolium repens
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