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Spurge Laurel

Daphne laureola

Plant Description

Spirally arranged leaves; yellow-green bell shaped flowers grow in clusters between leaves at tops of stems; green to black egg-shaped berries.

Plant Details

Life Forms
ODA Listing
Soil and Moisture Conditions
Suggested Actions
Shade Preference
Mature Height 1.5-5'
Distribution Found in most of western Oregon, especially the Willamette Valley. Also found in the Columbia River Gorge area.
Control Hand pull, dig up, or use a weed wrench to extract the plant and roots. Repeat annually until no more seedlings are found.
Disposal Methods Fruits should be bagged and placed in municipal waste.
Reproduction and Spread Birds spread the seeds.
Introduced Native to Europe and Northern Africa
Look Alikes Rhododendrons, Andromeda
Impact Can degrade Douglas-fir forests and Oak woodlands. Forms thick patches that block sunlight, out-compete native flora, alter the soil chemistry, and potentially alter natural succession.  The leaves, bark, and berries are toxic to humans, dogs, and cats.
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