Perennial Peavine

Lathyrus latifolius

Plant Description

A perennial sprawling or climbing vine with characteristic pea family flowers that can be white, red, or pink.

Plant Details

Life Forms
ODA Listing
Soil and Moisture Conditions
Suggested Actions
Shade Preference
Mature Height 2-7'
Distribution Widely distributed in western Oregon.
Control Hand pull small infestations, repeat annually until no more plants are found (3 to 5 years). Cut to the ground, then cover with geotextile fabric and no mulch for 2 years. Consult a professional for advice on chemical control of perennial peavine.
Reproduction and Spread Reproduces by rhizomes and by seeds. Roadside mowing, other human activities, water, and animals all contribute to the spread of perennial peavine.
Introduced Native to Europe
Look Alikes Sweet pea, Wild pea
Impact Large infestations reduce native plant biodiversity.
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